2019 Retreat offerings

Our practices will take us all around the world this year - to Bali, Europe, Chile, and the Caribbean. We are working on specialized offerings around ancestral knowledge, energy work, and practices that bring us in alignment with the planet. We hope you’ll join us in 2019. This incredible journey has just begun!


Spring Retreat

April 1 - 5 @ Bambu Indah

We wish for this to be a year of creating and cultivating. We are tending to our planted seeds, feet on the ground and heart facing the direction of our highest dreams. Cultivating anything - a dream, a business, a relationship - requires time, attention and devotion, even when it feels hard. What about cultivating your inner being? 

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SUMMER Retreat


Deep within us all, there is a soulful yearning for connection - not just with each other, or with ourselves - but with the great cosmic collective eternity from which we came. We seek a heightened awareness, to know our true purpose, but so often that becomes confused with morality, faith, belief, healing, forgiveness, and love. Of course, we need those too, always. But true, authentic spiritual connection requires one thing more than anything else. PRACTICE.


Autumn Retreat

November 14 - 17

This physical body serves not only as our means for participating in the world, but also as the primary channel for our contact with the present moment. Our thoughts and emotions tend to hop around in space and time, anticipating future events and remembering the past. However, our body remains tied to the present, affording a ready-made base for us in the here and now.

But first we might ask why this should matter to us. Why all the emphasis on being in the present? If the spiritual worlds encompass more than space and time, why should we be so concerned about keeping our awareness in the here and now? The simple answer: the only access to happiness, fulfillment, love, responsibility, and the deeper levels of spirituality lies in the here and now.



December 28 - January 4

The whole of the path resides in the present moment and the present moment can be entered most directly through opening to the energy body within our physical body. The energy body anchors us in the present and opens the door to the spiritual. One frontier of our spiritual work is to make our contact with the energy body stronger, more frequent, and more continuous. At any and every moment, our physical body awaits our attention and intention to deepen our connection with and strengthen our energy body. This in itself affords us a greater degree of freedom. In the energy body, strongly in the present, we are not as prone to identification with past and future, anxiety and fear, greed and anger, nor to the grip of egoism. A natural joy, a celebration of life enters us as we awaken out of identification and into the energy body, into the present.


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