The New Year is an exciting time for most of us, and not just because of the amazing festivities ;) It can be a chance to reflect and celebrate, and to call in new intentions for the year to come. Especially after the wild ups and downs of 2018, an energy shift feels like THE most powerful and meaningful thing we can do for the new year. So instead of going to the same party in the same place, we chose a nature preserve on the coast of northern Colombia as our destination to ring in 2019.

Read more about Santa Marta, Colombia here


We searched for a place that would allow us to reconnect with the things that are most important to us - our health, our natural environment, keepers of ancestral wisdom, our own spirits. And of course, our family of global nomads! We found the perfect place...


Reserva One Love is a super unique eco-friendly property that offers full immersion into nature, set on the banks of the Rio Palomino and on the edge of a large protected forest region. We’ll get to drop in with the indigenous Kogi tribe, who live in small sustainable villages in the nearby Sierra Nevadas (the tallest coastal mountains in the world!) Most of all, we’re looking forward to being together as a family of travelers, artists, soul-seekers and friends.

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Our journey into this time and place will take us far away from the busy-ness and stress of the outside world, and that’s the way we like it. That’s what Inner Refuge is all about - a place we can gather, tune in and turn on the magic we want to call in.

Shawn Lee