The New Year is an exciting time for us, and not just because of the amazing festivities.

It can be a chance to reflect and celebrate, and to call in new intentions for the year to come. Especially after the wild ups and downs of 2019, an energy shift feels like THE most powerful and meaningful thing we can do for the new year. So instead of going to the same party in the same place, we chose a nature preserve on the coast of  Costa Rica as our destination to ring in 2020… Are you a little curious?!

We searched for a place that would allow us to reconnect with the things that are most important to us - our health, our natural environment, keepers of ancestral wisdom, our own spirits. And of course, our family of global nomads! We found the perfect place...



Punta Mona

Punta Mona is a family-owned, off-the-grid permaculture farm and educational retreat center on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Launched in 1997, we are one of the most established and bio-diverse permaculture farms in Central America, with over 300 varieties of perennial tropical fruit and nut trees, abundant root crops, vegetables and annuals, as well as over 150 medicinal plants. We are an intentional community of permies, herbalists, chefs, yogis, builders, and artists, on a mission to practice and teach a simpler, regenerative way of living that nourishes mind, body, spirit and mother Earth.

We envision a world where all beings thrive, connected with community, abundant resources, and Mother Earth - and our impact as a species regenerates the planet we call home.



Our Story

We are a group of beings that share a path towards consciousness, awakening and expansion. We believe that we are living in a fundamental time for the evolution of human and planetary consciousness. We must begin unlearning everything we have learned and return to the simplicity that only nature can teach us. Everything is there, waiting for us. It's just a matter of being still, receiving it, and reflecting it back.    


Video by Gray Bashew Poem by Reggie River Bear Music by Robert Weber